Sticks’n’Sushi Case Study

Sticks’n’Sushi is a dynamic and innovative restaurant group from Denmark, founded some 24 years ago by brothers Jens and Kim Rahbek and family member Thor Anderson. It is now one of the most successful restaurant businesses in Denmark and it’s cutting a dynamic and innovative slice of the casual dining market over here in the UK too.

A sustainable alternative to pre-bottled water

Sticks’n’Sushi not only delivers great food, but its progressive attitude is making it one of the most innovative restaurants groups in the industry and this approach carries through to their choice in installing sustainable filtered water systems in all of their UK restaurants as opposed to serving bottled water.

Reducing water miles and eliminating plastic

Market leader, EauVation, has supplied fresh still and sparkling water systems across the group and Group Chief Operating Officer of Sticks’n’Sushi, Andreas Karlsson, explains further:

“Bottled mineral water is unsustainable and environmentally toxic when it comes to water miles, water waste and single use plastic, and our consumers expect us to take a responsible approach.

“As a business we have a clear sustainability ethos and philosophy and believe that shipping mineral water into the UK doesn’t make sense when the filtered water we can offer our guests is just as good – our guests always compliment us on the water we serve them. And, it’s not just about the water! We also look to add value and innovation through offering our own signature ginger and lemongrass cordial, which can be served with still or sparkling water.

Why EauVation?

We have filtered water systems in all of our restaurants in Denmark and now also Germany, so it felt right to do the same in our UK restaurants. We serve over 1600 guests a week in our smaller restaurants and over 4,000 a week in our larger sites, so we have to have systems that can keep up with the demand and with EauVation we have had no problems and they are excellent and prompt at their service and support too.

He continues: “In our smaller original restaurants we have the EauVation medium remote under counter system with bar taps for serving, as we have limited space in these sites, whereas for the newer restaurants, we have the larger bespoke systems installed as we were able to plan the system around the bar layout. This system allows us to have the taps in the front bar but the rest of the system back of house.

More space and no loss of margin

The systems are reliable and simple to use and we serve our water in our own branded carafes, charging £1.50 per person with free refills. This is important fact, as we find that customers are happy to pay for it and it has meant no loss of margin as opposed to serving bottled water.

“The in-house EauVation systems have clearly brought another advantage where we now have more storage space than we would have if we didn’t have them since we don’t have to store crates of bottled water and there is also no hassle around ordering and taking delivery of any water bottles, which is better for staff too.”

Product Used

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Andreas Karlsson

Group Chief Operating Officer, Sticks’n’Sushi
“We are all very proud to be using a sustainable filtered water system and chose EauVation as we were already working with their parent company, Winterhalter, and have always been pleased with their partnering service and support. It was a natural transition to buy the EauVation system and we haven’t been disappointed.”

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