St Clair Case Study

St Clair at Clapham is a stunning cevicheria, fish boutique, and wine and sake cellar in the heart of Clapham Old Town serving over 300 diners each week. Offering London-curated Nikkei cuisine, its unique restaurant fuses Japanese and South American cooking disciplines with impeccable hospitality. Open from breakfast through to dinner, St Clair use the highest quality fresh seafood sourced from Cornwall, the West Coast of the UK and Brittany in France.

Its main dining area is called Cevicheria. Whilst its cooking is primarily Nikkei in concept, dishes are experimental – inspired by the heritages of the chefs in the kitchen led by chef Jorge Baumhauer da Silva, celebrating creative collaboration and London’s diverse food culture.

They house Clapham’s first in-house fish boutique where guests can pick their own fresh seafood to take away and cook at home. An array of daily-changing seafood such as octopus, sea bass, scallops and swordfish, priced per kilo, are on display for customers to purchase. There is also a dry store of quality, international products and cooking ingredients that would make for a great addition to any pantry or as gifts for friends. The wine cellar houses more than 70 different wines from all over the world by independent and organic winemakers, sparkling wines, Champagne and sakes.

Bespoke, space saving system ….

The EauVation system installed in St Clair is a Bar300 bespoke space saving system located in the cellar with the EauVation taps sitting perfectly positioned on the bar.  The system has a 6.5kg, high performance ice bank refrigerator which produces top quality, filtered, chilled and sparkling water on demand.

Sergei Gubars, General Manager at St Clair explained the benefits of the bespoke EauVation system, “We are delighted with our bespoke EauVation system, having the system located remotely in the cellar and the taps on the bar is a perfect solution for us as space is somewhat at a premium in our restaurant.

Beautifully, branded bottles …

As well as the stylish EauVation bar taps being branded, St Clair also has beautifully, branded EauVation bottles which are popular with customers.  St Clair offers deliciously chilled, still and sparkling filtered water for a reasonable charge of £1.20 per bottle. Customers are then able to enjoy as many refills as they’d like.

“We are very proud to offer our customers a sustainable water option and we would absolutely recommend EauVation as a great way forward in reducing your impact on the environment, whilst adding value to the bottom line.  It’s easy to use, saves waste and is the way of the future...”.

Energy efficient and eco-friendly ….

This high performance, and yet eco-friendly Bar300 system, has been designed for effective performance and has been specifically developed for improved energy efficiency.  It now runs on Hydrocarbon Refrigerant Gas which is more efficient and less damaging to the environment.

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Sergei Gubars

General Manager
“An added bonus is that we have now eliminated the need to store, transport and recycle expensive pre-bottled water. It also allows us to tick all the sustainability boxes - an increasingly important selling point for the environmentally conscious consumer.  The EauVation water tastes just as good – consumers (and restaurateurs) have woken up to the fact they don’t need to pay for expensive bottled water”

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