Great Tasting Filtered Water Bottling Systems

EauVation supplies ‘real time’ freshly filtered still, sparkling and boiling water systems, reducing costs and allowing an increase in profits from the sale of in-house bottled water when compared to traditional pre-bottled mineral water.


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EauVation has become fundamental to many sectors in hospitality; restaurants, hotels, care homes, football clubs, conference venues, institutional and also various other industries. How could we serve you?

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How much could you save?

EauVation offers huge benefits in cost savings and increased profits compared to traditional bottled water.
Use our calculator below to find out how much you could save by switching to EauVation.

I currently payper bottle for bottled water

£0.01 £1.00

On average, I usebottles of water per week

50 3,000

You currently pay:

£60.00 per week

Switching to EauVation will cost:

£30.00 per week (switching costs based on £0.05 per litre)

That's an annual saving of:


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