Water, water everywhere…

The importance of Water Hydration

Water, water everywhere…

…but not a drop to drink.

The famous line is taken from Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and although we’re not on board a boat in the 1700s, it demonstrates the importance of hydration and how easy it is to be caught out.

Hydration is the key to a healthy body and mind and the long-term benefits of drinking plenty of H20 range from increasing a person’s productivity to reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes and even some cancers . However, with the pressures of every day work, and consumer lifestyles being busier than ever, drinking enough water on a day-to-day basis is not always as easy as it may seem.

Earlier this year a survey revealed that 1 in 5 GP consultations were a result of dehydration – people simply didn’t realise the impact that could be caused by not drinking enough water. Symptoms often include fatigue, tiredness, lack of concentration and headaches, all of which could be prevented if there was greater awareness around the issue. Most people only think to drink when they’re thirsty when in fact by that point you’re already between 0.8 – 2% dehydrated and, when you think that breathing in and out uses more than a pint of water a day , it’s clear to see how important it is.

The best way to keep H2O levels up is by drinking regularly but this can be particularly difficult when people are working longer and longer office hours. Whether working through key periods such as lunch and dinner, in warm weather or just constantly being on-the-go, it’s tough to stop and take a water break. That’s why it’s so important for workplaces to have an easily accessible water source and for staff to take regular breaks to rehydrate – don’t worry tea and coffee can count too!

With the new water systems available on today’s market it’s easier than ever for employees to stop and grab a cuppa, or a cold glass of water to cool down in the summer heat. Take for example our multitap™ connect which allows a single system to be installed which supplies dispense points across multiple floors providing boiling hot and freshly filtered still and sparkling water to workers through a single stylish tap. Unfortunately for some though, this may result in a reduced amount of time spent having the daily catch up by the kettle or water cooler.

It is estimated that it takes 7 litres of water and 162g of oil to produce a single one litre disposable bottle of water, releasing 120g of CO2 in the process. And when you consider the fact that the UK consumes about 3 billion litres of bottled water annually1 it’s plain to see just how much of an impact bottled water in Britain alone can have on the environment. So, the big question is what can we do about it?

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