Eauvation for Restaurants

Taste & quality to delight your diners

Serve your very own filtered water

EauVation takes pride in being the number one choice of filtered water systems for restaurants in the United Kingdom, from Michelin-starred fine-dining venues; to some of the most popular names in casual dining. EauVation has the right systems to suit, backed by a reliable and renowned network of dedicated service engineers.
Case Study: Smoking Goat

Make it your own

EauVation for Restaurants

Table Top 80L Tap

Perfect counter-top option for replacing pre-bottled water.



Undercounter Systems

When space is limited and great tasting water is a necessity.





Table Top 80L

Sitting on a counter, bar, or a table top, this system is a nice addition to any front or back of house locations whilst producing great tasting, filtered, still and sparkling water.

Explore the Table Top 80L

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Found in some of the UK's favourite restaurants

The Ivy Restaurant

Let's chat about how EauVation can transform your water.

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