Fills up to 100 bottles per hour with chilled and sparkling water.


HydreauBar™ fills multiple bottles simultaneously with individual bottle recognition to comply with weights and measures regulations. We have single and twin station options to deliver up to 100 bottles per hour.



HydreauBar™ takes care of sterilisation and filling in one seamless process. HydreauBar™ ensures safety by eliminating microbial organisms on internal bottle surfaces, something not achieved by washing alone.


Environmental benefits

100% reusable bottles, 95% lower carbon footprint compared to bottled water, zero transport costs, zero bottle waste and disposal costs, zero water waste and reduced energy use. HydreauBar™ removes the need to have a separate bottle washer, or glasswasher.


Financial benefits

HydreauBar™ ensures lower costs and increased profit margins compared to deliveries of plastic or glass bottled water.


Water options

HydreauBar™ delivers Chilled and Sparkling filtered water as standard.


Pure water

HydreauBar™ produces drinking water of exceptional quality, far purer than any bottled water brand. The patented reverse osmosis (RO) purification process removes 100% of disease-causing microorganisms and 99.99% of organics and inorganics, 96% lead, 70-98% heavy metals and 70% of nitrates found in UK tap water.


Suitable for a
range of uses

EauVation HydreauBar™ delivers instant chilled still and sparkling
filtered drinking water for:

HydreauBar™ Specifications

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EauVation's fresh taste is reflected in a client list that includes some of the UK's top restaurants and hospitality venues.

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