HydreauBar™ 2

Fills up to 300 bottles per hour with chilled and sparkling water.


HydreauBar™ fills multiple bottles simultaneously with multiple bottle recognition to comply with weights and measures regulations. Our twin station to deliver up to 300 bottles per hour.



HydreauBar™ Hygienically sterilises internal surfaces of glass bottles with no water wastage using patented technology.


Environmental benefits

100% reusable bottles, 95% lower carbon footprint compared to bottled water, zero transport costs, zero bottle waste and disposal costs, zero water waste and reduced energy use, plus no need for a dishwasher.


Single manual fill or twin auto fill, calibrated to fill bottles 750ml-1ltr


Water options

HydreauBar™2 delivers Chilled and Sparkling filtered water as standard. For exceptional quality and taste we recommend an optional upgrade to pure water; it’s purer than all bottled waters, guaranteed.


Rated by BestFootForward for Houses of Parliament


Suitable for a
range of uses

EauVation HydreauBar delivers instant chilled still and sparkling
filtered drinking water for:

HydreauBar™2 Specifications

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EauVation's fresh taste is reflected in a client list that includes some of the UK's top restaurants and hospitality venues.

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