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Bottle Wash Rack

Keeping Your Bottles Shining Flawlessly

The EauVation HyTec is the newest addition to the Classeq wash rack collection. Its unique design mean it can serve designer bottles from EauVation as well as other serving bottles.

More restauranteurs are serving water to their guests with glass bottles and require a warewashing solution; we have developed a bottle wash rack that allow any Winterhalter UC-series to become a bottle-washing system in less than 1 minute.

With an 8-bottle capacity, water is injected into the bottles directly via a special jet – providing a targeted, high-quality and hygienic wash in 1 minute. Its sturdy construction provides peace of mind when transporting and cleaning bottles.

This wash rack is certified in accordance with DIN SPEC 10534.

Key Facts

• 8 bottle capacity
• Washes bottles in less than 1 minute
• Sturdy construction
• Fits into every Winterhalter UC-Series machine
• Switch of operation possible at any time via a bottle rack adaptor
• Hygiene certified in accordance with DIN SPEC 10534

Hygienic Cleaning

For residue-free and 100% hygienic cleaning of serving bottles
• with hygiene certificate
• cleans 6 bottles residue-free
• compatible with Winterhalter UC machine

Technical Specifications

Bottle neck At least 18mm in diameter
External diameter (bottle) Maximum 90mm
Height (bottle) Maximum 280mm
Bottle Capacity 8
Width (small) 400mm
Diameter (small) 400mm
Height (small) 200mm
Width (large) 500mm
Diameter (large) 500mm
Height (large) 200mm
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Designer Bottles

EauVation's elegant, traditional 'Italian style' glass bottles really add that look of class to any table setting or conference venue. The EauVation bottles can be custom branded with your logo to really maximise your brand presentation on-table. The bottles and printed designs are fully reusable and dishwasher friendly.

Bottles are available in either 750ml or 500ml size, with the option to have a swing top, or gold and silver caps to indicate still and sparkling water.
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The EauVation Signature

Great Taste

Great tasting chilled, filtered, still & sparkling drinking water "on tap".

Quality Guarantee

EauVation water is pure,
clean, clear, odourless and uncontaminated.

Cost Saving

Proven cost saving versus pre-bottled mineral water.

Personalised Bottles

Optional customer branding on designer 'Italian style' bottles.

Space Saving

Saves valuable space by freeing up bottle storage and refrigerator space.


Better for the planet. Save on recycling and transportation.

Refresh Blog

Check out the latest news from the filtered water specialists
Aqua Libra Co takes the lead with EauVation

We’re pleased to confirm that Aqua Libra Co (formerly the Boiling Tap Company) has signed...

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