How to make the perfect cup of tea

Water Filtration System For The Perfect Cup of Tea

The rise of specialty and herbal tea sales bring an opportune moment for café, coffee shop and restaurant operators to not only look at the potential of coffee sales, but to also look at tea trends and the revenue opportunity this presents.

Green tea sales have risen by 50%, fruit and herbal tea by 31% and specialty brands such as Earl Grey, Darjeeling and Assam by 15% ; not to mention that more than half of the British population drink at least one cup of English tea a day – we really are a nation of tea drinkers!

So how do you make the perfect cup of tea? Does the milk go in first or last? Tea bag or leaf? Do you leave the tea to brew or dunk the tea bag a few times? Although these are all contributing factors, many people forget that the base of a good tea is of course the quality of the water.

By using a filtration system, capturing the impurities that can affect smell, taste and appearance, operators can produce the very best in premium quality drinking water, making their tea the best in the business.

So what temperature should the water be?
In order for the tea’s flavour to be best enjoyed white tea needs to be brewed at around 90°C, green teas at around 70°C, and black, rooibos, herbal infusions and oolong tea at 96°C.

Our latest innovation, the multitap™ instantly provides chilled, still, sparking and boiled filtered water, it allows users at the point of initial set up to select a temperature that meets their needs ranging between 72°C – 98.5°C. This can be a particularly important function when brewing teas, as what many people fail to realise is, the temperature is actually the difference between an average and a perfect cup of tea.

multitap™ also hosts another huge benefit which is time, it is estimated that 4 days per year are wasted by staff making tea and coffee so by switching not only will you save time, you will also have the perfect cup of tea.

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Cup of Tea


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