The water of life.
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Our Story

EAU de VIE is a leading supplier of ‘real time’ fresh filtered water systems for various industries including:
Restaurants, Hotels, Care Homes, Education, the luxury sector and Office & Conferencing Venues.

Simple to use, the EAU de VIE systems filter and chill mains water supply to produce both Still and Sparkling water that can be dispensed into stylish, customer branded, EAU de VIE bottles.

EAU de VIE’s special filter removes the impurities from the mains water that adversely affect flavour and smell to produce simply great tasting water.


About Us

EAU de VIE was founded by a team who have over twenty years hand experience of designing, building, running and consulting for restaurants and hotels.

EAU de VIE have extensive first-hand experience of the daily use of filtered water systems. Our experienced engineers have installed and maintained over 450 filtered water systems over the last two decades.

EAU de VIE is proud to supply filtered water systems to many outstanding restaurants and hotels, including Quo Vadis, Fino, Villandry, Kitchen Italia, The Boundary, Barrafina, Rockfish Grill and Hambleton Hall Hotel. We also supply many offices and care homes.

EAU de VIE is represented exclusively by the Winterhalter Group of Companies.

Hart Bros Restaurants

“EAU de VIE has been life changing… limitless, delicious, filtered,
chilled still and sparkling water on tap. No importing water and
throwing glass bottles into landfill.”

Eddie Hart,
Director, Hart Bros Restaurants (Fino, Barrafina, Quo Vadis)

Great Tasting Water

EAU de VIE systems provides fresh, filtered water straight from the local supply.

Our patented filter technology captures 99% of the elements that affect the taste and appearance of tap water.

The level of sparkle can be customised during installation to create the perfect signature fizz and sparkle.

Kind to the Environment

EAU de VIE eliminates packaging waste associated with plastic and pre-bottled water.

Reduces refrigeration storage requirements by chilling water on demand.

Vastly reduces your carbon footprint.

Provides a sustainable initiative that clients, consumers, and staff will appreciate.

Personalised designer bottles

EAU de VIE provides personalised reusable glass bottles which really compliment your brand presentation.

Communicates your commitment to saving the environment.

A professional and elegant presentation of water services for restaurants, hotels, conferences, meeting areas and banquets.

Reduce costs vs bottled water

Increased profit margins.

Increased revenue by converting tap water drinkers into paying customers.

Eliminates the need to pay for pre-packaged bottled water.

Removes the need to store, refrigerate, recycle, handle and transport bottles.

Client Stories

EAU de VIE's fresh taste is reflected in a client list that includes some of the UK's top restaurants and hospitality venues.

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