EauVation ‘taps into’ new markets with multitap

EauVation ‘taps into’ new markets with product innovation – multitap™

Leading filtered water system manufacturer EauVation brings to market its newest innovation – the latest in sustainable water delivery for the catering industry, the multitap™.

A technological breakthrough in energy-efficient appliance design, the drinking water system provides instant fresh, filtered boiling and chilled water – both still and sparkling – in a single stylish dispense tap.

The internal set-up isolates the two water lines, ensuring that the cold water comes out chilled, while the hot is drawn at a temperature set by the customer to meet a particular need.

Incorporating a state-of-the-art heat exchange system, unique to a filtered water product, the new tap captures heat generated during the chilling cycle which would typically be wasted, recovering it to preheat the boiling water and saving substantial amounts of energy.

In addition, the single point dispense unit has an inbuilt seven day time switch ensuring the system is running only when it is needed, eliminating unnecessary out-of-hours power consumption. An energy saving stand-by mode can be selected to activate after a pre-set time of non-use, whereby the advanced water tap will power down to conserve power.

The latest product from fast growing filtered water brand EauVation represents a new generation of filtered water systems that offer a truly sustainable solution to out of home water consumption.

The energy-saving technology provides a simple, genuinely green water delivery solution for caterers and is being hailed as the ‘must have’ piece of equipment both back and front of house.

Its unique energy saving credentials has the potential to substantial reduce essential overheads as energy prices remain high across the industry. Its ease of use and convenience also means caterers can save on vital time needed for preparation before and during service, for example blanching vegetables without the need to pre-heat the water.

Speaking about the launch David Smithson, CEO of EauVation said the new water appliance was a ‘step change’ in the large scale delivery of water for the catering industry, adding,

“The new multitap™ utilises the very latest innovations in heat transference as well as energy savings techniques to be a truly green product.

Unlike anything else on the market, it will genuinely save operators money through decreased energy consumption as well as allowing to drive new revenue streams by offering a ‘third way’ between expensive, undesirable single use bottled water and chlorinated tap water”


Introducing the multitap™

“We are extremely proud of our newest innovation which will add a new dimension to the filtered water market, offering a genuine green alternative to current systems.”

David Smithson,
CEO EauVation

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