Filtered water dispenser systems for Hotels

Your own in-house, freshly filtered water, adding the personal touch to your service

EauVation is quickly becoming a well-known name in the hotel industry, with a growing number of hotels in London and across over the UK. EauVation has a developed a great reputation for providing quality, reliable systems, backed with an unmatched support network of caring service engineers.

Our expertise and infrastructure enable us to be the partner of choice for a variety of hotels, from small independents to multinational chains, we deliver substantial savings in costs, enhanced profit margins and a sustainable alternative to pre-bottled water.

Our vast experience and knowledge of the hospitality sector means that we are fully equipped to collaborate with our customers in providing the most efficient solution for their water and bottling requirements.

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At EauVation, we provide a range of water purifying products to leading hotels across the UK. We are passionate about sustainability and can provide you with solutions that enable you to reduce your carbon footprint whilst enhancing your guests’ experience.

Boost the customer experience

Fresh filtered water is incredibly important to hotels. Chances are your guests will find themselves in need of high-quality water at various points during their stay with you, not just during mealtimes but in the mornings when they are preparing for the day ahead and when they are unwinding in the evenings. Fresh filtered water is also synonymous with luxury and can play a pivotal role in helping you improve your hospitality standards.

In addition, you can brand our bottled water using your own logo, enabling you to boost your brand presence and presentation. When customers see your branding alongside our thirst-quenching and healthy water, it improves the customer experience and gives them a positive impression of your business. Branded bottles are ideal for meetings and conferences and will complement your business presentations, giving the perfect corporate impression you are aiming for.

Reduce waste

When you opt for fresh filtered water systems such as those provided by EauVation, you can avoid the waste associated with conventional bottled water and make a better contribution to the environment. The way that our systems use mains water means you never need to worry about running out and disappointing your customers.

Various systems available

We are able to offer several filtered water units to our customers in the hospitality sector, including Multitap, which serves up both boiling and chilled water instantly in still and sparkling forms, and the table top unit, which looks fantastic placed at the front of house and freestanding units which can be connected straight to your water supply.

Efficiency and expertise

At EauVation, we offer an unrivalled support service, with our passionate service engineers always going the extra mile to deliver the peace of mind and efficiency that you require and deserve. We have become the partner of choice for a host of hotels, including small independent venues and world-famous multinational chains. Our solutions enable our clients to make considerable cost savings, increase their profit margins and offer eco-friendly alternatives to controversial bottled water. No matter what your water and bottling needs are, you can count on us to use our vast experience and expertise to meet them.

Improve taste and appearance

Our systems are available for hire and purchase. We provide solutions that not only enhance the experience of your guests but enable them to save money by offering alternatives to water sold in plastic bottles. Our patented filter technology captures 99% of the elements that negatively impact on the taste and appearance of tap water. Customers can even customise sparkle levels during the installation process to create their perfect signature fizz. With our solutions in place, you can reduce your refrigeration storage requirements and emphasise your commitment to reducing your carbon footprint. What’s more is that our solutions convert tap drinkers into paying customers, enabling you to boost your bottom line, whilst removing the need to store, recycle, handle and transport bottles.

Get in touch

At EauVation, we are waiting to hear from you if you require a state-of-the-art filtered water solution from a fast-growing industry leader. Why not take a look around our website right now to learn more about our story and who we serve? Contact us today by calling us on 0844 225 9250 or by sending a message to info@eauvation.co.uk

The Kings Head, Great Bircham

“I took over the hotel and installed the EauVation system straight away.
It doesn’t cost us much to rent and produces fantastic, high-quality water
which we give to our customers rather than them spending an additional
few pounds on water”

Charles Campbell,
Owner at The Kings Head Hotel, Great Bircham

Recommended for Hotels

The EauVation products are ideal for use in hotels. The following products present the best value and installation options for the very best venues.


Great Tasting Water

EauVation systems provides fresh, filtered water straight from the local supply.

Our patented filter technology captures 99% of the elements that affect the taste and appearance of tap water.

The level of sparkle can be customised during installation to create the perfect signature fizz and sparkle.

Kind to the Environment

EauVation eliminates packaging waste associated with plastic and pre-bottled water.

Reduces refrigeration storage requirements by chilling water on demand.

Vastly reduces your carbon footprint.

Provides a sustainable initiative that clients, consumers, and staff will appreciate.

Personalised designer bottles

EauVation provides personalised reusable glass bottles which really compliment your brand presentation.

Communicates your commitment to saving the environment.

A professional and elegant presentation of water services for restaurants, hotels, conferences, meeting areas and banquets.

Reduce costs vs bottled water

Increased profit margins.

Increased revenue by converting tap water drinkers into paying customers.

Eliminates the need to pay for pre-packaged bottled water.

Removes the need to store, refrigerate, recycle, handle and transport bottles.

Client Stories

EauVation's fresh taste is reflected in a client list that includes some of the UK's top restaurants and hospitality venues.

Would you like to know more? Interested in how EauVation can transform your water?Let's start a conversation.

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