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Why is Hydration in Education so important?

Many of us know that the UK’s tap water is one of the best in the world, yet 40% of British children (aged 11 – 18) are not drinking the Food Standards Agency’s recommended 1.2 litres of water per day . With studies discovering that a level of just 2% dehydration can cause a 20% reduction in cognitive and physical activities , how can under-18s be encouraged to drink more water?

We’ve all heard the saying ‘You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink’ – this is also very true of children. Give them a sugary beverage and they will love it, but regular consumption of sweetened drinks, including fruit juice and fizzy drinks, has been linked to weight gain, obesity and poor dental health . With the appeal and availability of fizzy, sugary drinks, simply telling youngsters to drink more water is not going to work!

Children spend at least half their waking day in the classroom, so studies on student hydration highlight an important message for schools. That’s why easy access to water throughout campuses is vital. Many schools make drinking water available , though research shows that pupils aren’t using these water sources enough – citing reasons like taste and appearance.

There are, of course options like plastic water bottles. But in recent years, attitudes towards bottled water have changed because of a growing awareness of, and increased importance, placed on sustainability – particularly in schools which have sustainability targets to meet.

So installing sustainable water units which students will want to drink from cannot be recommended more. Newer, modern water machines will be far more appealing to school children than out-dated water fountains. And as filling up water bottles from fountains is near impossible, systems like the Eau de Vie ‘City Unit’ (or Water Cafe), which uses taps, are far easier and way more exciting when it comes to filling up and drinking water on-the-go – without causing a mess.  Plus it’s patented sub-micron water filters ensure that it tastes great and is clean from any impurities in the water supply.

We can all agree that hydration in education is extremely important and that’s why installing a water system which encourages under-18s to drink more from a healthy source, cannot be recommended enough. Benefits of doing this include increased productivity, health and hydration, not to mention cutting down on environmental impact and spending. All in all, a hydrated school (or university) makes for a more enjoyable and sustainable place to learn and work!

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