Eauvation for HOTELS & conferencing

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Your own in-house freshly filtered water

EauVation is quickly becoming a well-known name in the hospitality industry, with a growing number of hotels in London and across over the United Kingdom.

EauVation has a developed a great reputation for providing quality, reliable systems, backed with an unmatched support network of caring service engineers.
Case Study: The Lodge on Loch Goil

Boost the customer experience

Fresh filtered water is incredibly important to hotels. Chances are your guests will find themselves in need of high-quality water at various points during their stay with you, not just during mealtimes but in the mornings when they are preparing for the day ahead and when they are unwinding in the evenings.

Fresh filtered water is also synonymous with luxury and can play a pivotal role in helping you improve your hospitality standards.

EauVation for Hotels & Conferencing

Table Top 80L Tap

Perfect counter-top option for replacing pre-bottled water.



Undercounter Systems

When space is limited and great tasting water is a necessity.





Table Top 80L

A table top bottling system sits on a counter, a bar, or a table top and can be positioned front or back of house. It looks good and produces great tasting, filtered, still and sparking water.

Explore the Table Top 80L

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Found in some of the UK's favourite hotels

Let's chat about how EauVation can transform your water.

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