Watering down the facts | Healthy water

Watering down the facts | Healthy Water

With everything from “Blackwater” to “Fat Water” hitting the headlines as the latest trends in H2O, we wanted to dive a little deeper into the new market for “healthy water” and find out if there really are any benefits.

Long gone are the days when consumers were happy with just tap water, in fact some people even go to the extreme length of avoiding it coming into contact with their skin in fear of unwanted impurities(1). As a result, the market is becoming increasingly populated with a range of products and brands offering something different; from infused flavours such as artichoke and asparagus, to water which has been sourced from a tree tap or chipped off an iceberg(2). The one thing in common? They all look to provide a “healthy” alternative, but at what cost?

For a start, many of the products, such as Trace’s Mineral Infused Blackwater, are not available in the UK and so the environmental cost of shipping alone would be very high. Add to this the fact that most are distributed using plastic bottles and you start to see why the “healthy” and “sustainable” message they are trying so hard to convey doesn’t quite make sense. It takes over 1,000 years for plastic packaging to bio-degrade(3) and with over 6.28 billion of UK household bottles sent to landfill(4), it’s clear that future generations may have their work cut out unless we start to use other solutions, and fast.

So why do people want it? Well, bottled water is positioned as “cleaner” as well as more convenient. It has been claimed that bottled water not only tastes better but can help improve overall wellbeing as well as reduce the risk of gastrointestinal diseases and even certain cancers(5). And, with the health of the nation being a top priority for the government and health organisations, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of everything they eat and drink.

There is of course a much easier, cheaper and more sustainable solution – filtered water systems. Our Eau de vie systems can be plumbed directly into the main water supply and offer the same high standard of drinking water – free from impurities and contaminations – without the premium price tag. From restaurants to office buildings, schools and universities, they can be installed in any environment so people can access top quality filtered water anytime, anyplace, in an instant.


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