Eauvation for HEaLTH CLUBS & SPAS

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Enhance your
water offering

EauVation provides health clubs, spas and other luxury venues with the ability to instantly serve great tasting, chilled, purified water. A range of solutions are available to enhance the complete water offering in the health club, bedrooms, conference & treatment rooms and restaurants.
Case Study: Lodge on Loch Goil

Serve fresh filtered
water in your own
branded bottles

Nothing says luxury like perfectly own branded products – and that goes for your water too.

EauVation has unique experience across the high end hospitality sector, providing bespoke water systems for Michelin-starred chefs up and down the country. We are proud of our experience and can confidently say we are the partner of choice for luxury outlets anywhere.

Our vast experience and knowledge of the hospitality industry means that we are fully equipped to collaborate with our customers in providing the most efficient solution for their water and bottling requirements.

EauVation for Health Clubs & Spas

Table Top 80L Tap

Perfect counter-top option for replacing pre-bottled water.



Undercounter Systems

When space is limited and great tasting water is a necessity.



Table Top 20L

Perfect counter-top option for replacing pre-bottled water.





Table Top 80L

A table top bottling system sits on a counter, a bar, or a table top and can be positioned front or back of house. It looks good and produces great tasting, filtered, still and sparking water.

Explore the Table Top 80L

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Found in the biggest health clubs & spas across the UK

Let's chat about how EauVation can transform your water.

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