Eauvation for EDUCATION

Great water
equals great results

Boost levels 
of performance

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“The hydration provided throughout the day by EauVation has made a tremendous difference to the performance of our students. It has changed the culture within our classrooms.”
Basda Malik,
Assistant Principal, Kensington Aldridge Academy

Boost enthusiasm
&  dedication levels

Beautifully branded, resuable water bottles

Why not consider buying branded, reusable water bottles for your school, college or university so students can refill during the day? Whether you are a small nursery or a large college, we have the right water bottle for you. Watch this space for further details on our branded Chilli bottles which will soon be available across the education sector.

EauVation for Education

Table Top 80L Tap

Perfect counter-top option for replacing pre-bottled water.



Undercounter Systems

When space is limited and great tasting water is a necessity.



Table Top 20L

Perfect counter-top option for replacing pre-bottled water.




Drastically reduce plastic waste

Every bottle used to package water takes more than 450 years to bio-degrade. Our EauVation systems eradicate the need for plastic packaging and offer an eco-friendly alternative to serve fresh, filtered water right from the local water supply instead.  It can vastly reduce your carbon footprint and provide a more sustainable initiative that your staff and students will appreciate. Find out below if you are paying too much for pre-bottled water?

Paying too much for pre-bottled water?

EauVation removes the need to buy in, refrigerate and find storage for expensive pre-bottled water. Be the shining example to your students and improve your corporate social responsibility by switching to EauVation.

Calculate your savings

Per bottle, I currently pay:
£0.01 £1.00
Per week, I use approx:
600 bottles
50 3,000
You currently pay:
£60.00 per week
Switching to EauVation
£30.00 per week
That's an annual saving of:
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Acqua 20

The latest smart water system that can automatically - and simultaneously – sterilise, fill and deliver multiple bottles of pure, fresh, filtered still or sparkling water.

Explore the Acqua 20

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Found in some of UK's most recognisable schools

Let's chat about how EauVation can transform your water.

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