Smoking Goat Case Study

2018 has been a great year with our three restaurants, Bratt, Kiln and The Smoking Goat, voted in the top UK 100 out of 83,600 restaurants by the National Restaurant Awards.

Why switch to a filtered water solution?

Our values are key to us and we believe in doing business the right way!  For example, single-use plastic and shipping water in bottles, glass or plastic, in trucks, trains, ships and planes around the world, is to us – nonsensical.  Every country has a piped network, and most of that water is drinkable.  By purifying water at source and removing further chemicals, means restaurants can provide chilled, filtered, sparkling and still water, in a fast efficient manner.  It’s a non-brainer!  And no storage issues as well.

Why EauVation?

For reasons of service, efficiency and sheer chemistry, we chose EauVation as our partner. And, we took the decision not to charge our customers anything for water, preferring to add value to the dining experience.  Our guests are never asked if they want still or sparkling – or feel as if they are being sold water.  We explain to them that our specially purified water is free, with our compliments.

Free water is becoming the expectation in restaurants, so when people get charged exorbitant prices for it, it’s no surprise they feel as if they’re being ripped off.  When I go to restaurants now, I’ll always ask for a jug of tap water, as don’t want to support unsustainable shipping of bottles of water.

Innovation & service excellence

Let’s give you an example of service excellence… We have a small beer cellar at Kiln where we had to work with the suppliers to get their units in. EauVation demonstrated a pragmatic attitude by putting both the water and beer through the same cold water chilled system as opposed to having two separate large boxes.  That was good sensible use of space.  I’ve built up a strong relationship with the team at EauVation, and we have systems in our other two restaurants Bratt and Smoking Goat.

Brian Hannon, Co-Founder, Super 8 Restaurants Ltd

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Brian Hannon

“In a fast-paced industry, you have to continuously improve, innovate and deliver – bringing EauVation on board has been part of that journey – making us more environmentally friendly, better for our guests, better value, and better quality at a more sustainable level.”

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