Cinnamon Soho Case Study

When storage space is at a minimum, the last thing any restaurant needs are bottles of water clogging up space. That’s why Cinnamon Soho, whose signature modern Indian cuisine with a nod to British favourites, chose to compliment its fun, friendly, fearless ethos with fresh, filtered onsite water system EauVation.

Why EauVation?

Filtered from the mains, EauVation provides restaurants and hotels with a consistent quality of chilled still and sparkling water. The EauVation water system uses mains water and passes it through a special Everpure filter.

A favoured choice for diners

Jean-Luc Giquel, Group General Manager of Cinnamon Club, considers EauVation a selling point as he explains:

“We’ve had six bottles of still and sparkling mineral water in our fridges since opening and, so far, no-one has asked for them. In comparison, we serve 650 bottles of EauVation a week. The taste of the filtered water is very clean and refreshing with no after taste.”

Product Used

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Jean-Luc Giquel

Group General Manager, Cinnamon Soho
“The quality of EauVation, whether still or sparkling, is light and very refreshing. The feedback from our customers is that it’s not heavy like the water we used to serve. Our aim is to satisfy as many customers as possible.”

Latest Success Stories

EauVation's fresh taste is reflected in a client list that includes some of the UK's top restaurants and hospitality venues.

Let's chat about how EauVation can transform your water.

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