Owl & Pussycat cafe

Alternative Health-Conscious Solution

The Owl & Pussycat cafe, based in Hillsborough, Northern Ireland, is a Gastrocafé showcasing the very best local artisan suppliers. Over 200 customers visit this foodie destination every day to enjoy freshly prepared breakfast and lunches.

Why EauVation?

Offering exceptional levels of customer service, with strong attention to detail, the café installed the EauVation table top system in the summer of 2016 to help set the establishment apart from competitors and provide customers with a more premium water offer.

Innovating The Drinks Menu

Partnering with a local cordial supplier, The Owl and the Pussycat also uses the system as the basis for its own soft drink offer, mixing the still and sparking water with flavoured cordials such as ginger and sarsaparilla.

High-Quality & Value for Money Service

This, combined with the elegant, personalised bottles EauVation supplies, means we can offer our customers a high-quality, value for money service that feels that little bit more special. Furthermore, the compact design of the unit works perfectly in the restricted space we have available.”

“We would recommend EauVation to anyone considering sprucing up their water offering and have been extremely impressed by their high standard of service and professionalism.”

Owl & Pussycat Cafe

“The EauVation table top unit has proven extremely popular with our health-conscious
customers, as it provides a great alternative to sugary, fizzy drinks.”

Fiona Hunter,
Head Chef

Client Stories

EauVation's fresh taste is reflected in a client list that includes some of the UK's top restaurants and hospitality venues.

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