Gourmet Burger Kitchen: sparkling water dispenser case study

With approximately 90 venues around the country, Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) – which started in 2001 with its first restaurant in Battersea, South London – has taken the UK casual dining scene by storm, with plans to continue to expand across the country.

In each of the 90 outlets, EauVation under-counter systems are installed to offer GBK customers high-quality, fresh filtered still and sparking water. The burger chain also uses the system as the basis for its own unique soft drink offering – the Fresh and Fizzy range where customers can mix the filtered water with refreshing flavours. These include Elderflower, Ginger & Lemongrass and the most sought after with both the customers and the staff, Strawberry & Elderflower.

Thanks to the EauVation Filtration system, GBK has successfully opened up a new in-house drinks market. Keeping up with the demand for the ‘Fresh and Fizzy’ drinks would be both expensive and unsustainable without the system, as it would require purchasing sparkling water in bottles. This would also add time to the service to open the bottles, not to mention the vast amount and therefore cost of waste that the plastic creates.

Liz Davis, Assistant Manager at Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Bromley explains, “It gives our customers a healthier alternative to traditionally sugar-laden fizzy drinks. The Fresh and Fizzy range, created by the EauVation sparkling water tap, is now by far our best soft drink seller. We charge a one off fee for the fresh and fizzy range, however we offer free refills, which have proved a very successful option and keeps customers coming back.

“The cost both financially and environmentally begins to stack up when it comes to buying, storing and disposing of water bottles. Using a sustainable water tap is much better option, as we can still provide a first-class water offering without the amount of packaging and money wasted.

“When you combine sustainability credentials with a great tasting product, the benefits speak for themselves.”

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

“When you combine sustainability credentials with a great tasting product,
the benefits speak for themselves.”

Liz Davis,
Assistant Manager, GBK Bromley

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