COYA London: filtered tap water system case study

In the heart of London sits this classy, modern, Peruvian restaurant.
Sanjay Dwivedi, Executive Chef, describes the benefits of not only drinking, but cooking with fresh, filtered water.

Coya London features three open kitchens; the Ceviche Bar, the open charcoal grill and the central kitchen, each kitchen has its own EauVation water point, which has become a key part in cooking and food preparation as well as a healthy alternative to tap water for the staff.

“I’ve been using filtered water for years. I can’t go back to tap water. The EauVation system gives me as much filtered water as I want at a much cheaper cost.”


COYA Restaurant

“I started using EauVation primarily for my staff, I have three
kitchens and all of them have EauVation water, because I’ve
always believed in having good filtered water.”

Sanjay Dwivedi,
Executive Chef, COYA London

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