Brasserie Chavot: sparkling restaurant water dispenser case study

Eric Chavot, Chef-Patron at Brasserie Chavot explains how he came to find EauVation and why he was impressed by it’s highly consistent great fizzy taste.

“I didn’t have much space, and we wanted something visible and branded; EauVation came in and designed a bar top system especially for us. It looks exactly like beer taps aligned to the style of the rest of the bar, with a sparkling tap and a still one.

“We worked with the engineer to play with the gas input in the water, creating smaller or larger bubbles, getting it to exactly how I wanted; I drink buckets of it and cook all my green vegetables in sparkling water. I also use it in my chickpea cassoulet – it helps the flavour, there’s no bitterness.

“I now insist on the use of filtered water for the cooking of greens, and we have a filtered water system installed in the kitchen.”


“I’ve been using filtered water for years. I can’t go back to
tap water. The EauVation system gives me as much filtered
water as I want at a much cheaper cost.”

Eric Chavot,
Executive Chef at Brasserie Chavot

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