Enhancing The Customer Experience

From Tap to Table - Enhancing the customer experience

David Smithson, CEO at Classeq. “It’s no secret that Britain’s restaurant culture is booming – with Brits spending on average a quarter of their annual wage on dining out. With increased competition, restaurants are continuously looking for innovative ways and individual touches to stand out from the crowd.

“We often find it’s the small extra touches that customers remember, even more so than the products they purchase or the service they receive. It’s all about fine-tuning the dining experience, from the food you prepare to the water you serve. Take mineral water for example, a recent survey by the National Consumer Council found that 70% of the public think mineral water in restaurants is too expensive. The price of a glass of water might seem like a small part of the overall experience but this could make or break the likelihood of someone returning to your establishment.

“With the range of new water systems available, it’s now easier than ever to offer a more personalised dining experience at a reduced price. Take for example our Eau de Vie counter systems which offer customers high-quality, fresh filtered still or sparkling water. Installed in several well-known establishments, our filter systems allow restaurants to customise their sparkling or still water offering and create their own unique soft drinks range. Providing this option not only cuts down on costs for both you and the customer, as you forgo the expense of purchasing expensive bottled water, but also enhances the restaurant experience as you can serve premium quality drinks to guests without sacrificing quality. Not to mention the fact that our filter systems also cut out the cost both financially and environmentally of storing and disposing of water bottles.

“It’s the small extra touches that help create a meaningful and memorable experience, which in turn influences the way customers perceive your restaurant. Served as a complimentary value-add or at a modest charge – filtered water is a simple thing restaurants can offer that’s guaranteed to enhance the customer experience.”

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Eau de Vie filtered water

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