Still table water solutions for businesses

You’ve almost certainly been there – the standard office meeting or roundtable with a plastic bottle of water carefully placed at each space. Even if you are rarely the one to do much of the talking, you are probably still grateful for the occasional chance to wet your whistle.

Meanwhile, out in the corridor, other members of staff walk by from time to time with many of them also carrying a plastic bottle of water from which they take the occasional swig.

Out in the reception area, visitors and potential customers are probably also offered a complimentary plastic bottle of water while they wait to be seen.

All in all, it seems as though the plastic bottle of water has fast become an ever-present feature of life within any business setting. It seems no great problem. People need to drink, and once the bottle is empty, it can just be thrown away.

Do plastic bottles pollute the environment?

The next time you reach for that plastic bottle of water mid-meeting or to offer a client, spare a thought for what happens to that disposable bottle.

The commonly used clear plastic water bottle is typically made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET). This can be fairly easily recycled, pointed out a story in the Telegraph newspaper earlier this year. But the sad fact is that it rarely happens. Currently only about a quarter of all plastic produced in the UK is recycled – whether through our own laziness or lack of economic viability.

Discarded plastic bottles are more than just unsightly. They pollute the environment.

A further item in the Telegraph newspaper suggested that the average plastic bottle can take around 450 years to biodegrade – that is more than five generations.

What’s the alternative?

We do not need to perpetuate that throwaway mindset – instead, you can make better use of the natural resource that is water and deliver it in endlessly re-usable containers, cups, and bottles.

That is the principle behind installing your own inhouse chilled water filter system that delivers the purest of water via re-usable bottles. Not only is it more environmentally responsible, but it is also likely to prove a much cheaper way of satisfying the natural thirst of your colleagues, visitors and customers.

Depending on the volume consumed by your business and the price you currently pay for each pre-packaged plastic bottle of water, you might cut those costs by as much as a half.

Still water in personalised, re-usable, glass bottles and containers

By installing your own in-house filtered water system, you can replace those plastic bottles with containers that are personalised with your company logo – with an added message, perhaps, about your environmental responsibility and commitment to sustainability.

The next time someone reaches for the still table water, therefore, you may be sure that the message of your commitment to sustainability is repeated – time and again on a bottle that is 100% re-usable and carries your company logo.

Still table water solutions are ready and waiting to replace that cluster of plastic bottles in the board room – and anywhere else within your business.



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