Personalised, bottled water for restaurants

If you serve alcohol in your restaurant, the Licensing Act 2003 (Mandatory Licensing Conditions) Order 2010 obliges you to serve “potable (drinking) water” free of charge.

Some customers are likely to be rather more discerning and request something more than basic tap water. But how often have those same customers complained – or simply raised an eyebrow – at the cost of the simple bottle of water that arrives at their table? It’s costly because that is what you have to pay for the supply and delivery of the mineral water you serve – and the large percentage of that cost is passed on to your dinner guests.

The cost of bottled water

According to Numbeo restaurant-goers in London might expect to pay between 75p and £2 for a small  (one-third of a litre) bottle of mineral water. That is an eye-watering £2.25-£6 a litre.

At EauVation, we can offer a ready, affordable and eminently convenient solution that lets you serve fresh, pure, great-tasting still, sparkling and chilled water at a fraction of the cost – typically less than 0.5p a litre. We specialise in bringing cost-effective, top-quality bottled water to restaurants, cafes and businesses.

With one of our filtered water systems to fill your own personalised and elegantly designed bottles, you can continue to serve fresh, clean, pure and top-quality water and still save on the bill you present at the end of any meal.

This has several benefits – for you, the environment, and the customer.

Benefits of personalised bottled water for your business

Bottling your own filtered water in-house can:

  • save money (you won’t have to pay for regular water deliveries);
  • save space;
  • can reinforce your brand with personalised bottles;
  • reinforces your commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Corporate social responsibility and the environment

According to Money Stepper, some 18 billion pre-packaged plastic bottles of water are consumed in the UK each year – and an estimated 75% of them are simple thrown away after a single use.

The problems created by that mountain of plastic waste are becoming more widely known – and almost certain to be in the minds of the guests at your restaurant.

When you place a glass bottle of freshly filtered water on the table, it may bear the name of your restaurant and a reminder of the action you have taken to avoid any use of plastic bottles. The message we can print on each of your bottles impresses on your guests your restaurant’s social responsibility in adopting a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.

Once you have chosen your bottle design, all that we need is a computer-generated file of your restaurant’s logo and the message you want to convey. The glass bottles are then baked at a high temperature using ceramic ink that is dishwasher safe and permanent – a cut above some other, less sophisticated processes which do not last so long and shorten the usable life of your bottles.

Benefits for the customer

With the cost-savings you make on providing filtered water, these can be passed on to the customer - giving them great tasting, fresh water at a realistic price. They also have the “feel-good” factor of knowing they are dining at an establishment who is doing their bit for the environment.

Read about our client stories and see how EauVation has made a change to their business.

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