Filtered water dispenser FAQs

You have a legal obligation to give your employees access to drinking water that is free from contamination. Indeed, water is such a daily essential that any client or visitor to your offices may reasonably expect to be offered a glass of fresh, clean water.

If you are wondering how to source that supply, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about filtered water dispensers.

Doesn’t water straight from the tap serve the purpose?

Whilst it is true that tap water in Britain is some of the cleanest in the world, it continues to contain certain impurities. At times, a tainted supply may leave the water tasting odd, having an unpleasant smell, or with a cloudy appearance.

The Open College claims that more than 300 man-made chemicals may find their way into mains tap water, identifying the main culprits as:

  • liquid chlorine;
  • aluminium sulphate;
  • calcium hydroxide;
  • sodium silicofluoride; and
  • fluorosilicic acid.

How do I get rid of those impurities?

Patented filtered water systems remove up to 99% of those impurities in tap water. The result is clean, fresh, pure and great-tasting drinking water – which you will be as proud to serve in your office as in any 5-star fine-dining restaurant.

How can I dispense it?

There are a number of options:

Free standing units

  • the design and style of a free standing unit makes it a feature of any office or restaurant;
  • it is plumbed into your mains water supply and dispenses freshly filtered water – chilled, sparkling or still – and dispensed directly into a glass or glass bottle bearing your restaurant or corporate logo;

Table top units

  • equally stylish and wanting to be seen are table top units, which might take pride of place on any office or restaurant’s working surface;
  • some have the capacity to dispense up to 80 litres of chilled, still or sparkling freshly filtered water every hour;
  • where counter top space is more limited, you might want to opt for a 20-litre version;

Undercounter units

  • in many bars and restaurants, worktop space may be even more limited and you then have the option of an undercounter filtered water dispenser which can sit neatly tucked away below the bar or counter;

Connected filtered water systems

  • in a large office, hotel or restaurant over several floors, you might also want to consider a fully-plumbed system which also connects directly to the mains but dispenses water at multiple points and is dispensed – filtered on demand – from eye-catching, elegantly designed taps. (You can book a free site survey here).

What if I want to serve water from bottles?

There are many occasions, of course, when you don’t want to have to fill each glass from your filtered water dispenser but serve it in a glass bottle – during office meetings with clients, for example, in the boardroom, or in your bar or restaurant.

Robust, reusable, and stylish glass bottles can be personalised with your company or restaurant logo. You might also add an equally indelible tagline that underscores your corporate social responsibility in avoiding the use of environmentally harmful single-use plastic bottles in favour of reusable glass.

More questions?

Then please browse our website or feel free to contact us. We’d be delighted to help.

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