EauVation will be exhibiting at The Casual Dining Show - Stand F101

EauVation will be exhibiting at Casual Dining Show - Stand F101

On 27th until 28th February 2019, leading sustainable water filtration provider EauVation will be showcasing its innovative range of filtered water systems on Stand F101 at The Casual Dining Show at Excel London. Offering visitors the chance to taste the difference between filtered still and sparkling tap water compared to bottled water!

With media headlines increasingly dominated by pictures of ‘plastic oceans’ and waste created, in part, from the 500 million single-use water bottles that are consumed across the world each day, EauVation offers its customers a viable and exciting ‘third way’ to that of single-use water bottles and tap water – and the take-up is indicating a seismic shift in attitudes and desire for sustainable solutions for the world’s most important commodity.

EauVation’s water filtration systems ensures the impurities are filtered to provide great tasting water, chilled still or sparkling water can be served in ‘real time’, and is the perfect solution for many restaurants who are increasingly recognising consumer’s appetite for change. It is also a win-win in commercial terms as profit potential for water served this way can be significantly higher than with pre-bottled water.

Increasingly, operations are also considering single dispense points which not only deliver purified chilled and sparkling water, but also boiling water – all at the touch of a button. With chefs reporting the quality of water can adversely affect the taste within their cooking process (and/or affecting the quality of some of their beverages) the value of removing impurities and hardness from tap water is becoming increasingly evident.

This is where it gets exciting with EauVation! As the new SmartTap™ and TouchTap™ was officially launched in January 2019 offering a much more convenient way to provide freshly filtered water – whether its still, sparkling, boiling, or ambient.
Visitors are invited to come and discuss their water offering with the ‘EauVation’ team and taste for themselves the quality of the water. Find out too, how many leading establishments are already turning to EauVation’s Table Top, and Under-Counter water systems, and are now considering the ‘third way’ to become more sustainable, reducing their waste, and increasing their profit.

Visit EauVation at stand F101.


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