Corporate businesses – why brand your own bottles?

You’re tired of finding storage space for crates of plastic bottles of water. You’ve recoiled at the expense of disposing of them. And your staff are complaining about the volume of environmentally damaging plastic waste that is going to landfill.

Clean water may be essential to keeping your workforce adequately hydrated and productive, and business clients, of course, expect to be offered a glass of great-tasting water at least. But the single-use plastic bottle has almost certainly had its day.

Sustainability and alternatives to single-use plastic bottles

In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, considerable time, research and energy goes into the search for alternatives to single-use plastic containers.

If you were in any doubt, simply take a look at the lengthy article published by Packaging Europe about the ongoing problems surrounding the disposal of plastic packaging, the damage being done to the oceans as plastic finds its way there, and the search for viable alternatives.

There seems to be no easy answer.

Brand your own bottles

Yet there may be one simple and straightforward solution as far as your office is concerned. A solution that abolishes your reliance on the pre-packaged plastic bottle asserts your corporate social responsibility (CSR) in finding an alternative and leaves both your staff and visiting clients impressed by your approach to the problem.

Brand your own bottles and fill them with freshly filtered, still or sparkling, crystal clear water, and you could be resolving all of these issues at a stroke.

Providers of filtered water systems take the water directly from the mains supply to your office and turn it into a pure, health-giving drink. It can be available potentially anywhere throughout the building – taps wherever you like, or freestanding, table top, or undercounter dispensers in any convenient corner of the office.

Those same providers may also supply reusable, long-lasting glass bottles – with a selection of designs to choose from – for your own in-house bottling system.

Once you have chosen the bottle design, all that is needed is a computer-generated file containing your company logo. And, if you wish, a brief message reinforcing your commitment to sustainability as a feature of your CSR.  The artwork is then professionally printed onto as many of the bottles as you ordered.

The glass bottles have been baked at a high temperature using a special ceramic ink – with your choice of one or two colours – that is dishwasher safe and permanent. When cooled, the bottles are expertly packed and crated for delivery directly to your office address.

With your in-house branded bottling system, therefore, you are assured of a constant supply of freshly filtered, pure, and great-tasting water. Your branded bottles present a daily reminder of your commitment to delivering that water in an eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable way that has done away with the need for single-use plastics.

By confirming your corporate social responsibility in this way, you may win still greater loyalty from your staff, impress your clients, and enjoy both space saving and cost savings by replacing plastic bottled water with your own branded bottles.

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